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Following the Book of Genesis, the 7th day the creator took a day off and left humans unfinished. Designed with perfect bodies but without any rules for our hearts and minds. Was the chaos wanted? Was it exclusively left up to us to create light - lux - or darkness on Earth?

We are or will all be soon aware that we are currently living in the middle of a world war with COVID-19. It is a psychological warfare on all fronts. No matter if in politics, health, education, administration, finance and or the stock market - it is always about your mind. And it is always the elite against the people.

99% of the world population against 1% if you consider the status of wealth of the world population.

80% against 20% if you consider the status of mental and emotional health of the world population.

It is the Great Awakening versus the great reset. God versus satan.

It is all about your feelings and thoughts

At the same time this is Judgement Day. And again, we will be judged exclusively on our emotional and mental health.

Your career, your bank account or your social status are of zero importance. We had time to evolve on Earth and now humanity is ready to settle in on a higher level of consciousness where we can develop our divine qualities and live easier lifes. This is the shift from 3D to 5D you might have heard about.

Not all humans have enough access to their emotions and feelings to may survive on these higher levels of consciousness. This is why the emotionally unfit and the mentally unhealthy are leaving mother Earth in this period of time. The same is valid for our governing "elite". They are far too dysfunctional to survive the shift which is why they are opposing it so hard. In our upcoming essays you will learn all about their world.

Millenial abuse

We have been created as galactic beings but we have ended up as slaves.

We are getting aware of our status now. This is why Corona is really here. It has never been about a virus. COVID-19, the COrona VIrus Disease started in 2019, was the just the usual creation of an opposition-agent to cloud our brains. An old trick. They created science, psychoanlysis, psychiatry, nations and languages this way for us and built the debt-slavery-system we are living in on top of it.

Corona is not a virus. Corona is Latin for crown and our crown is our energy center on our head, the crown chakra, our direct channel to God. It requires a bit of training but every human can speak directly to the higher powers, many of you already do it, some without even knowing that you are channeling or talking to God. Learning or remembering this abilit is what COVID-19 is really about.

Our fight is an inside job

This is the moment of time we all have to turn on the light – inside. There are no physical fights needed in this world war, it all happens in our hearts and minds. The work starts with having insights into your own way of thinking, feeling and behaving. And in learning the truth about universal rules which have been mispresented and taught the opposite way.

Then you will understand why COVID-19 is not a physical disease but first of all a mental health problem.

Before you start, you have to learn an universal law. It is unknown to the most of you, our leaders did not want us to learn it in those schools and universities created for us. They do not want us to learn this law and "to know" because everybody "who knows" automatically stops looking up to them.

The energy game

There is a hidden game you have probably never heard about though you lived your whole life with it.
It is exclusively this game that decides if you are a lord or a slave on earth, if you are able to think for yourself or not. It is connected to your blood, to your intelligence and to your capacity to feel love.

I have created to teach you this game and all the insights it brings along. Because I know that you will only fully understand and see the matrix and it's abuse once you know this universal law.

Twelve years ago I have been called back to where we all come from. I lived through a so called near death experience. It was a traumatic experience in it’s first impact. It felt like I was sent for a short visit to heaven – which was wonderful -, but sent immediately back on Earth with a vague idea of a future mission. It took me three years to understand the information I have been provided with on this short trip. And another four years to heal myself. I felt surrounded by ignorant people when I came back. They were still the same people I had spent time with before, but they seemed to have changed while I was away.

I lived what most of you have experienced in the course of the last 11 months: Ignorant thinking, crazy controlling, irrational behavior and persecution. I realised that I had grown up in one of the false “Illuminati” German-Italian family clans. Not the black aristocratic ones but those energetically linked to them over generations. I realised that the emotional treatment they have provided me with was emotional abuse. And I realised that the dysfunctional relationships within this family clan were the reason that members died like flies with cancer. My mother was the sixth of ten siblings to die of a similar kind of cancer. And I realised that medicine and science and psychoanalysis have no answers to this for a reason.

When you grow up with a narcissistic mother as I did, you have to learn to provide yourself with the primal care and love your first care taker, your mother, usually provides to you. My search to learn self love and my conflict with my mother made me find out the invisible energy game we are living in.

I also realised that I was working for Satan. At that time, I was a journalist in Rome, writing about Italy and the Vatican for a well known Swiss newspaper. Quitting my job was the easiest step on my way out of my former world. I had to leave behind all I owned and loved. Families like them do not work as families should, most of the members are unconscious, they fight everybody leaving without even knowing why they are doing it.

I will write intensively about the Catholic Church and it's upcoming end. It is the world I have grown up with in the most catholic part of Italy. The Catholic Church is the spiritual leader of the elite world, of the world that wants to establish the new world order. Their mind control has infected our thoughts in an unimmaginable profound way. We think we are Christans but what we really have become are satanists. How else was it possible that human trafficking became the biggest industry in this world?

Most of my essays here are channeled. My ability to talk to higher powers I already used as a kid without even noticing it. This is how I learnt about the Annunaki, the creators of humanity, who have been misinterpreted as malicious alien gods so often in so many ways. And this is how I was introduced to the true Illuminati long before I knew about the group of people posing in their name until today.

Seventh Day

It has cost me seven years to accomplish my path. I had to find out that psychoanalysis has been created to confuse us even more instead of healing us. And so often I just waited on this path for things and signs to go on, stuck in the limited know how I had about mental warfares, fear and a clouded brain. This is why I created You can find all the necessary cognitive, emotional and mental know how here to design your own path and accomplish it in seven weeks or seven months.

Why 7?

Well, as you know, after having created day and night, heaven and earth, female and male and all of it in it`s perfect duality, the creators of humanity laid down the work on the 7th day and left us behind with our beautiful bodies, filled with our incredible souls - and our unknown brains and hearts.

They did so because they wanted to give us a chance to become the highest evolved species on earth, a galactic being similar to the Gods. This is why they left the door open to fall into Satans arms. How to do that and how to avoid the lowest vibrating sort of beings, this is what will teach you here.

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Judgement Day is here

Covid19 is part of a psychological game that has led humanity to where it was supposed to arrive: The Day of the Last Judgement.

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